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For many who have experienced addiction in themselves or a loved one, they realize that high stress times brings out trigger points to bring back addictive desire and behavior. Nothing is more stressful than a global pandemic, where companies globally are closed, and we are all frightened of losing loved ones to the mysterious disease-Corona Virus. Addiction therapists teach addicts to remain connected to others, to exercise, to eat properly and get adequate sleep. The same is true for FOOD ADDICTION. There is no greater temptation to indulge in compulsive overeating (at times it can trigger bulimia) than isolation. During confinement and boredom, food becomes vocal. It will talk to you from the kitchen. It will call you by your name to come and grab it. You may find yourself staring at that chocolate candy, chips, or pie while engaging in a personal mind argument. One part of you says "don't eat that. you have worked so hard to be healthy". The other part of your mind says " Oh go ahead. you are stuck here. Eat it now and get it off later". Boredom is your enemy! The bottom line is this: There is no physical need in the body for white refined sugar or chocolate. You will not die of malnourishment if you don't have it. Therefore all cravings are coming from an addictive need within to fill an emotional hole. Prevent boredom, lift spirits (temporarily). However it's a depressant and will eventually cause a "crash". I believe after the fear of the Corona Virus has passed, we will have unprecedented numbers of people with diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, and eating disorders surfacing. This is ground zero for developing all of these life endangering illnesses. You MUST control your eating during this lockdown. Eat Fresh. Fresh is best. Stay away from the cans. Stay away from candy, chips, all junk food. Instead of cooking comfort deserts, cook comfort meals with fresh vegetables and lean meats. It's vital to keep your immune system at it's best during this time. It's crazy to literally crash our economy to avoid sickness...only to lock behind closed doors and develop another sickness from the junk food. Both kill.

Here's a Hint: Control 20. Whenever you feel the need to eat something you know isn't healthy, or is a greater quantity than you need to survive, control 20. Tell yourself "I can eat that. I will eat that. I will eat it in 20 min". Since all cravings go away in 20 waiting 20 min you will be able to eat with self control. During the 20 min wait, I recommend prayer, meditation. Feed the soul while your body is fasting physically. It is a lifestyle of fasting. 20 min every time you feel hungry. It works!! 40 years experience has proven it. Try it.....then email me and let me know your experiences.....

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