YES! While I'm very happy J Lo, A Rod and other celebrities are bringing awareness to the obesity crisis that the world is in, I'm also worried. Whenever a celebrity endorses anything, multitudes of people around the world assume it's a "good" thing. I mean, that's the whole reason celebs get paid the big bucks to advertise everything from shampoo to politics. I must say, "DIETS" are one of those things that should NOT be given out on someones latest whim. DIETS effect every area of our physical, mental and emotional health. NO CARB diets, or very LOW CARB diets will put people into a deep state of ketosis. A ketogenic diet is not healthy for a lot of people. I've worked with thousands of people over the last 45 years, helping them lose weight. Even though I am perhaps the most experienced diet expert in the world, I do not accept everyone as a client. The reason is simple: DIETS CAN KILL YOU. It takes approximately 72 hours to enter a large state of ketosis when following a low or no carb diet. An insulin dependent diabetic can slip into insulin shock and die when they go into deep ketosis. How scary! I'm not writing this to instill fear, because obesity in and of itself can kill us. However, when it comes to high protein- lo carb dieting, BE AFRAID. The US has a mass number of citizens on insulin. Some other countries declare they have up to 60% of their population diabetic.This means that people the world over could possibly die.....and die quickly! Most people want to look and feel better for the spring, so tons of will be racing to the store to stock up on fat and protein, and leaving the carbs in the aisles. While I agree that most of us are carb junkies, or sugar addicts, we simply cannot cut them completely out of our life. This is the very reason that sugar addiction is more difficult to overcome than drugs or alcohol. You can't eliminate it completely. AA teaches us that addicts cannot have their drug of choice at all...not ever. It will soon rage out of control, because having just a small bit brings the cravings full force.With carb addiction, you have to maintain sobriety while still consuming it. IT'S VERY HARD to balance it. Since "GLOBESITY" is epidemic, I will take the time to share the knowledge gained while working one on one with tens of thousands losing weight. Weight loss is a complex issue. Diets often represent a band-aide where surgery is necessary. You wouldn't let a celebrity operate on you, right? Don't get me wrong, Im not angry with the celebs. I truly believe that they truly believe they are helping everyone. But please....spread the word! Insulin diabetics CANNOT go on a lo-carb diet! They could die within a few days. There is a HUGE science behind KETOSIS. I've spent a lifetime studying and applying it. Check back in, as I will be writing tons of information on keto. It's simply not for everyone! But what's a carb addict to do? I'll be teaching that. You can win the battle of the bulge. But you've gotta be armed with knowledge if you want to stay healthy while doing it.

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