Obesity Will Not be Cured With “Dieting”

Diets can be found everywhere: on television, in magazines, doctors’ offices, and bestselling books. You can stand in line at the movies, sporting events, or in the mall and overhear people’s personal experiences regarding weight loss or gain. Your best friend probably has ten new diets to share. Chances are there are at least thirty diet plans you have personally tried. Some even worked – for a while. With all this free information floating about, more people than ever are trying to lose weight. Obviously, dieting is not the answer. Dieting is merely a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It is placing a Band-Aid on an injury that needs intensive care. It’s vital to understand that losing weight is complex. It is not merely a physical problem. Even though it manifests itself in an apparent way in the physical body; emotional, mental, spiritual and sociological disruptions must be factored in.

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