How to THRIVE while SURVIVING Corona Virus

Being on lockdown, and isolated makes it difficult to keep focused on much besides fear of economy, worry of the unknown future, and the lingering thought "Will I survive?" Not only can you survive, but it's possible to thrive during this pandemic. The number one thing everyone needs to consider is their own immune system. If your immune system is strong, you can fight most viruses. Secondly, remain isolated so the virus isn't spread. With possible grocery shortages, and extra time staring at the walls inside our homes, this creates a perfect recipe for weight gain and lowered immune system. Just the opposite of what we need to achieve. While on lockdown, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WILLPOWER AND MAKE WISE CHOICES. Boredom, fear, panic, and stress are all factors that normally cause us to be hungry for foods that stimulate brain comfort chemicals. These foods are low in nutrients, high in sugar, and addictive. So as stress continues, the desire to consume greater quantities of these foods will plague us. Since obesity is considered a global pandemic as well as the deadly Corona Virus-we cannot give place for obesity to take our lives while we are trying to survive Corona Virus. Survival is survival and it means to survive health threats. Eating high salt, high sugar foods will rob our immune system, create a breeding ground in our mind for depression, and makes it more difficult to withstand current stress and temptation of eating as our new job while homebound. It does no-one any good to protect themselves from Corona virus, to lose their life to blood sugar issues, blood pressure, kidney, heart, liver, eating disorders, or depression. All of these things can be brought on by isolation, panic and fear. So how do we THRIVE while surviving Corona?

Remember: in the US, we are NOT currently having a food shortage. The empty shelves in the grocers should not concern us even in the least bit. I always recommend to avoid those aisles anyway. If foods are on those shelves, they are usually loaded with preservatives, chemicals and ingredients that lower our health and immunity. GREAT NEWS DURING CORONA VIRUS: The grocers are filled with beautiful produce, and fresh, "God-made" foods. Take this opportunity to fill up on fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and lean meats. While we may need toilet paper, we do not need milk, bread, canned foods or frozen foods. Most anything found in a box should be avoided. If you eat "around the edges" in the store, you will see your energy improve, spirits lifted, excess weight falls off, and your immune system improve. WALLA! A perfect secret answer to armor yourself agains this virus. If you want a cookbook teaching quick easy ways to prepare these fresh foods, email me and I'll send my private recipes to you. We must stick together during these times.

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