In order to remove excess weight permanently, we must go to the original cause. For example, could your weight, or any part of it, be inherited? The answer is found by simply looking at your relatives: are they obese? Besides genetics, society contributes to the epidemic of obesity. It’s difficult to stay on a healthy eating plan, because there is always a holiday interfering! Here is a truth you must never forget: no one actually cares if you eat their birthday cake or not. It is all about them, not your eating habits. They aren’t paying close enough attention to have their feelings hurt by your abstinence. However, if you announce to everyone that you aren’t eating it because you’re on a diet, then naturally everyone will encourage you to eat. Most American citizens, no matter how well-traveled or educated, revert back to ways of “poor” eating when the need for comfort or celebration arises. With America being a country comprised mostly of immigrants (I’m speaking Mayflower days and up), most of us are raised on “poorer” classes of foods. When our long-deceased relatives were here, they couldn’t afford the luxury of eating fresh vegetables and lean meats daily. They made do with what they had. Flour and cornmeal were often used to fill hungry bellies. Where the meat was short, the biscuits were not. If I were to question why you like certain foods the most, you probably wouldn’t be able to give a specific answer. You’ll say something like, “Because it’s good. It’s the way Mama taught me.” Obesity is also caused by unnatural substances being fed into our bodies. Foods that are laced with preservatives and chemicals not only cause life-threatening diseases, but render us overweight. Emotional needs such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, and fears cause us to overeat, and gain extra weight.

Some actually have physical diseases or are on various medications that cause weight gain. In order to overcome all issues associated with excess weight, and the syndrome of “living to eat, rather than rather than “eating to live”, call Catie. I’ll be happy to help!When it comes to design, the Wix blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features.

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